New Feature: Open Water

Summer time is open water time! And from now on it is possible to use our Swim Trainer app exactly for that. We have just released a new update that adds guided workouts for open water as well as a free open water swim mode. Furthermore, our phone app now gives you the option to create your own open water workouts and training plans.

Important note: because of these new features, you have to update your phone app as well as your app on your Garmin or Fitbit device – even if you don´t want to use the open water features!!!

How it works

Open water guided workouts work similar to normal pool swim workouts. But instead of giving you a fixed distance, it comes with a timer that signals you when to pause and start another set. For more on this, please have a look in the documentation. The open water free swim mode does exactly that: just get in the water, start the mode from your watch, and it will track your swim.

Beta-Mode and Feedback

To track your swims in open water we are relying on the position sensors of your Garmin or Fitbit devices – and unfortunately, as many of you know, they are not always pixel perfect. To improve their functionality, you might want to have a look into the Garmin documentation for open water usage (these tips basically apply to Fitbit devices as well).

Of course, we have tested the open water features extensively. But every swimmer and every device is a bit different, so please give us some feedback on how you like the new open water mode. Suggestions for additional features are welcomed as always!

Open Water Workouts and Plans

In Swim Trainer phone app, we added the option to create your own workouts and plans for open water. You can also use the automatic workout builder for this!

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